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Just a quick post today.

Do you find it difficult getting traffic to your sites?  It’s a common problem for most beginners.

Strangely enough, getting traffic is easier the more traffic you get, so any source of traffic however small it is is worth trying, especially if it is free and easy to do.

I’ve had a reasonable amount of success with a free traffic lottery, URLoco.  Basically, you log in and register your site.  Then, every day that you log in to URLoco, your site is entered into the lottery for the next day.  The winning site becomes the featured site that appears on the URLoco page after you have logged in, so anybody else who logs in that day will see your site.

There’s not a huge number of sites registered yet, so your chances of winning are quite high, making it worth getting in now  This site has won 11 times to date.

Now you may be thinking that displaying one page of your site to URLoco members doesn’t really count as traffic, but according to the Google Analytics of this site, many people have viewed more than one page, which means they have genuinely visited this site as a result of exposure to it within URLoco.

It’s free, so it’s worth a try.  Just go to URLoco, register your site and log in every day (or whenever you want your site to be entered in the next day’s lottery).  It’s as simple as that.

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