List Building with The Traffic Button – It’s Free!

There are myriad ways to drive traffic to your website but many people are unaware of the little known world of List Builders. On first impressions List Builders appear to be similar to Safelists or blasters but on further investigation there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Safelists are essentially a membership site where everyone has permission to email everyone else. Using these systems you can receive an unmanageable amount of messages and to make it worse, most people will block all the incoming emails but still send out emails to the list. Eventually everyone starts doing this and nobody reads the emails. I know this to be true, because I have done it!

List Builders are different. A List Builder allows you to email hundreds, or even thousands of double opt in people, but you’ll only receive a maximum number of emails per day.

This feature alone increases the [Read more...]

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Mass Profit Formula : Review

Being very cynical, I like to think that I am somewhat immune to the hype that goes into sales pages. However, when I watched the video on the Mass Profit Formula sales page, something caught my eye.
You see Nigel Richards, the owner of Mass Profit Formula, log into a Clickbank account and show that it had gone from almost zero sales to over $3000 of sales overnight, which he claimed was as a result of using his software. This approach made a refreshing change from the fake screenshots that you usually see on sales pages.

So in this case, I was hooked and I allowed myself to be reeled in and I watched the video to the end.

So What is Mass Profit Formula?
If you read through the sales page, you really don’t find very much information about what Mass profit Formula is. There’s plenty to tell you what it isn’t. But [Read more...]

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Squeeze-U-Lator : The List Inflator!

Squeeze-U-Lator is a great new concept in online marketing. It lets you give away your free product without a squeeze page, but it will still build your list. In fact, in trials, the creators of Squeeze-U-lator have experienced an 80% increase in their list sign-up rate when using Squeeze-U-lator.

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Get Free Traffic

Everyone needs traffic. Get your free share of traffic.

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Don’t rely on Google to provide all the traffic to your website. Google can drop your sites from their search results instantly. Here’s how it happened to me.

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Add Your Squeeze Page to ANY Website

Add a squeeze page to any affiliate sales page to build your own list, and not just the product vendor’s list, with Instant Capture Page.

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Article Marketing – 9 Most Common Mistakes

Article Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. Sadly, many people don’t understand the full benefits of this technique and simply submit useless, trashy, machine-generated articles to the article sites.
The days of bulk article submissions to gain backlinks are over, so you need to adapt to the creation of good quality articles instead.

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The Four Main Sources of Traffic Explained

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your own product, or working as an affiliate to sell somebody else’s product; you need traffic. What’s more, to be really effective, that traffic must be targeted traffic. There’s no point in trying to sell somthing to people who have no interest in it. They’re not going to even look at it, let alone click the Buy Now button.

As an online marketing newbie, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap known as “if I build it, they will come”. The newbie often lovingly creates their website sales page and puts it on their host server, sitting back waiting for the money to come rolling in. It doesn’t work like that. How is anybody going to buy the product from you if they don’t even know you are there, or how to find you.

Traffic to websites [Read more...]

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ClickBank Portals – Get Your Own

I recently wrote on this blog about ClickBank Portals.

If you’re not a programmer, you’re definitely not going to be able to make your own portal. There are plenty of scripts out there which let you set up your own portal, but if you’re not technically minded or don’t have a web hosting service, you might find it difficult to set them up.

Another alternative is to use an affiliate based portal. Basically, this is a portal that is arrived at via an affiliate link (which contains your ClickBank nickname). The portal initialisation code then extracts the nickname and applies it to the products advertised within the portal. This means that you earn all the affiliate commissions from sales made to visitors who arrived via your affiliate link.

All you have to do is drive traffic to that affiliate link.

If you would like a FREE ClickBank Portal, visit [Read more...]

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