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In the past, I have promoted Make Your Own Software (AKA MYOS), which is an excellent tool for creating your very own software products that you can sell or give away as you please.

The problem with MYOS is that it was written quite some time ago and has not been updated for years. Mike Chen was the original creator of MYOS but he evidently sold it on when he thought it had reached the end of its useful life for him. That doesn’t mean it’s not a useful product any more. It is. One of my colleagues is still making software with MYOS and selling it or giving it away as bonuses for other products.

The sales page for MYOS is a little strange. You have to go through a questionnaire to see whether you “qualify” to be an owner of MYOS. The whole point of [Read more...]

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Make Your Own Software – Review

Most online marketers today will agree that it’s all very well selling other peoples’ information products as an affiliate, but things really start to happen when you are the vendor and an army of affiliates start selling your product.

Most people immediately think of ebooks, videos and audio files when it comes to creating their own information product, but software is not out of the question, even if you are not a programmer.

The software market is huge – especially software that performs tasks that are usually time-consuming or tedious, or provide a means of doing something that would require some kind of training to do yourself.

Let’s say, for example, that you are selling something online. You can write sales copy, but you have no idea how to turn into a web-site. Software that takes your sales copy and creates the website for you would solve your problem.

This type of [Read more...]

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Review: Make Your Own Software

With the endless supply of “marketing how to” information available on the Internet, it’s really refreshing when something practical, useful and usable comes along.

Rather than being told “how” to do something, wouldn’t you prefer to have something that will “do” it for you?

Make Your Own Software is just such a tool.

Even if you’re not a software developer, you can use Make Your Own Software to create a downloadable, software application in minutes. This sounds hard to believe, but I tried it myself and it easily lives up to its claims and then some. Using it myself, I was quickly able to brainstorm a simple software idea, create a quick “recipe,” click a few buttons, and …

… bingo! Out popped a software program.

I was amazed at how easy the process was. This is truly one of the simplest and most powerful programs I have reviewed [Read more...]

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