Simple Software Maker Improved

Development of Simple Software Maker continues. In the last couple of days, I have added Icons to the new snippet library feature so that it is easier to see at a glance what type of content the snippets have. At present, the icon is library based rather than snippet based, so each library should really only contain one type of content. However, this might change later to allow mixed libraries (eg PHP and HTML).

Another improvement is the use of Windows “special” folders. previous software products that I have released have tended to keep everything together in the application folder, including temporary working folders, etc.

When Windows Vista and its successor, Windows 7 came along, this caused some problems meaning that the setup installer had to make the working folders writeable and with permissions for users to actually access them. Simple Software Maker now uses the guideline folders of AppData (or Application Data depending on your version of Windows) and My Documents. By using these folders, Simple Software Maker should work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 without any access privilege problems.

Next on the development list is the integration of a Setup Installer creation tool. Hopefully this should be fairly straightforward and will only take a couple of days to code up and unit test before I hand it over to my tester, Dan.

I am also planning to add a wishlist form to Simple Software Maker. We want to make it the best application maker in its class, and are always open to ideas and suggestions. Knowing what the users want is key to developing useful products, so all users will be able to submit suggestions.

I have some great ideas for future versions, and all users will be able to upgrade to later versions with special upgrade deals. Any user who is first to suggest an idea that we implement (that we haven’t already thought of) will get a free upgrade and may see their name in the credits, too.

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