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Anyone who has spent any time on this blog will know that I have been promoting MYOS (Make Your Own Software) as a useful product for anyone who wants to make their own software products to sell.

MYOS is a good product. My friend Dan Blackburn has used it to make several software programs with which he has made a fair amount of money. Certainly more than enough to pay for MYOS many times over.

The thing about MYOS is that like any software generator, it is quite limited. Its output consists of a single file of text, such as a web page or a sales letter. Furthermore, MYOS has remained unchanged since it was released many years ago.

Dan and I realised that MYOS could be a whole lot more if the owners cared to develop it further, but we don’t think that is going to happen. The original developer sold it several years ago and the new owner is unlikely to do anything further with it.

So, we decided to go our own way and develop our own product to take over where MYOS left off. Our forthcoming product, Simple Software Maker (SSM), will do almost everything that MYOS will do, but a whole lot more.

For example, where MYOS can create a program that generates a web page, SSM’s multi-page feature can create a program that will generate an entire website, complete with CSS style sheets. But it’s not limited to websites and web pages. You can create a program that generates any type of textual output – only your imagination limits what you can do with it.

SSM’s advanced Tags not only let you create any single or multi-page output; they can also contain embedded default values so users of your programs will see results right out of the box.

SSM also has special tags that include the current date and time in the generated output.

Simple SOftware Maker will be available within the next month or so – we’re still adding new features. I’ll post our progress on this blog, and as we get nearer to completion, I’ll announce our expected launch date.

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