ScreenRule is a useful tool for measuring the size in Pixels of anything on your screen.

ScreenRule is resizeable and moveable and has two cursors that let you precisely select the left, right, top or bottom limits of any object on your screen.

To make measurement even easier, you can select the transparency level of ScreenRule so that you can see the object you are measuring.

ScreenRule screenshot


ScreenRule is useful to webmasters who can measure the size of available space on a website or blog, so they create advertisements that will fit perfectly.

Any time you need to know the size of anything on your screen, ScreenRule will do the trick.

Download ScreenRule.

By the way…

Notice something strange? В Yes, that’s right – there’s no squeeze page for this download. В The link above is a direct link to the downloadable product.

If that seems a little bizarre, I haven’t gone crazy; I have a clever little trick called “Squeezulation*” up my sleeve, and ScreenRule is an excellent example of its use.

*Squeezulation is the process of deferring a squeeze page until later, and has the effect of dramatically increasing conversion rates. If you want to know how to Squeezulate your own digital downloads, check out the FREE TRIAL of Squeeze-U-Lator: The List Inflator.

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