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Simple Software Maker 1.0 Launches Soon – Get It For Tweeting!

Anyone who follows this blog will have noticed that it hasn’t been updated for some time now. This is mainly because I got a new day-job last summer and things in my life have changed somewhat as a result. I haven’t had much time to work on Simple Software Maker until now, and I’m just going through the testing process before it is released.

The good news is that you will be able to get version 1.0 of Simple Software Maker at absolutely no cost. It will be the full release of v1.0 – no time-limits, crippling of features, or limited saves. It will contain some disabled features, but they are features that are being added for version 1.1.

So is it really free? Consider it a G.I.F.T!
G.I.F.T stands for “Get It For Tweeting”, and you will be able to get your own, free copy of Simple Software Maker simply by Tweeting [Read more...]

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Simple Software Maker Improved

Development of Simple Software Maker continues. In the last couple of days, I have added Icons to the new snippet library feature so that it is easier to see at a glance what type of content the snippets have. At present, the icon is library based rather than snippet based, so each library should really only contain one type of content. However, this might change later to allow mixed libraries (eg PHP and HTML).

Another improvement is the use of Windows “special” folders. previous software products that I have released have tended to keep everything together in the application folder, including temporary working folders, etc.

When Windows Vista and its successor, Windows 7 came along, this caused some problems meaning that the setup installer had to make the working folders writeable and with permissions for users to actually access them. Simple Software Maker now uses the guideline [Read more...]

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Simple Software Maker Update

In my last post, I mentioned that I am currently developing an application generator that lets you create your own software without having to learn how to program.

Due to various commitments, I haven’t had a huge amount of time to spend on its development, but I have added a few new features.

Most notably is the Snippet Library. This is a collection of useful blocks of text that can be pasted right into the program templates that you create using Simple Software Maker. New libraries of Snippets can be added at any time, making Simple Software Maker expandable without having to upgrade to a newer version.

First releases of the software will be supplied with libraries containing Snippets of HTML and JavaScript. Further libraries may be released in future. Additionally, a library creator, which is currently under development, will be available.

Another new feature that has been added to [Read more...]

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New Application Creator On Its Way

Anyone who has spent any time on this blog will know that I have been promoting MYOS (Make Your Own Software) as a useful product for anyone who wants to make their own software products to sell.

MYOS is a good product. My friend Dan Blackburn has used it to make several software programs with which he has made a fair amount of money. Certainly more than enough to pay for MYOS many times over.

The thing about MYOS is that like any software generator, it is quite limited. Its output consists of a single file of text, such as a web page or a sales letter. Furthermore, MYOS has remained unchanged since it was released many years ago.

Dan and I realised that MYOS could be a whole lot more if the owners cared to develop it further, but we don’t think that is going to happen. [Read more...]

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Create Your Own Software Products

In the past, I have promoted Make Your Own Software (AKA MYOS), which is an excellent tool for creating your very own software products that you can sell or give away as you please.

The problem with MYOS is that it was written quite some time ago and has not been updated for years. Mike Chen was the original creator of MYOS but he evidently sold it on when he thought it had reached the end of its useful life for him. That doesn’t mean it’s not a useful product any more. It is. One of my colleagues is still making software with MYOS and selling it or giving it away as bonuses for other products.

The sales page for MYOS is a little strange. You have to go through a questionnaire to see whether you “qualify” to be an owner of MYOS. The whole point of [Read more...]

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Make Your Own Software – Review

Most online marketers today will agree that it’s all very well selling other peoples’ information products as an affiliate, but things really start to happen when you are the vendor and an army of affiliates start selling your product.

Most people immediately think of ebooks, videos and audio files when it comes to creating their own information product, but software is not out of the question, even if you are not a programmer.

The software market is huge – especially software that performs tasks that are usually time-consuming or tedious, or provide a means of doing something that would require some kind of training to do yourself.

Let’s say, for example, that you are selling something online. You can write sales copy, but you have no idea how to turn into a web-site. Software that takes your sales copy and creates the website for you would solve your problem.

This type of [Read more...]

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Mass Profit Formula : Review

Being very cynical, I like to think that I am somewhat immune to the hype that goes into sales pages. However, when I watched the video on the Mass Profit Formula sales page, something caught my eye.
You see Nigel Richards, the owner of Mass Profit Formula, log into a Clickbank account and show that it had gone from almost zero sales to over $3000 of sales overnight, which he claimed was as a result of using his software. This approach made a refreshing change from the fake screenshots that you usually see on sales pages.

So in this case, I was hooked and I allowed myself to be reeled in and I watched the video to the end.

So What is Mass Profit Formula?
If you read through the sales page, you really don’t find very much information about what Mass profit Formula is. There’s plenty to tell you what it isn’t. But [Read more...]

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Squeeze-U-Lator : The List Inflator!

Squeeze-U-Lator is a great new concept in online marketing. It lets you give away your free product without a squeeze page, but it will still build your list. In fact, in trials, the creators of Squeeze-U-lator have experienced an 80% increase in their list sign-up rate when using Squeeze-U-lator.

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Build Your List While Promoting Your Affiliate Links

Just a quick post to let you know about a new tool that can be used to help build your list while you’re promoting other peoples’ products as an affiliate.

You’re probably hearing “the money is in the list” in your sleep by now, because just about everybody in online marketing keeps saying it.

In most cases it’s true, of course, so you should be building a list at every opportunity.

One of the disadvantages of selling as an affiliate is that it is usually the vendor who gets to build his list, while you, the affiliate, don’t usually get that opportunity. В Now there is a dead simple way of building your list while promoting your affiliate links.

Affiliate Opt-in Generator is a program which generates pop-up screens that you can set up with a squeeze page offering a gift. В The clever thing about it is that the pop-up appears right over [Read more...]

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