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Facebook Magnetic Marketing : Review

You’ve developed your own product at last and you’re eagerly awaiting your first sale. Just like hundreds of other marketers, you need traffic to your website, because without traffic, you don’t get buyers.

In the last few years, Facebook has become huge. There are millions of members and thousands of new ones sign up every day. They are a huge audience for advertising just waiting to be tapped by the savvy online marketer.
If you know nothing about Facebook or advertising on Facebook, then this new ebook, Facebook Magnetic Marketing, by Michael Kehinde, might be exactly what you are looking for.

As Michael points out in his book, the Facebook audience is huge, but what really sets Facebook apart from the rest is that it is extremely highly targeted. You can select who you want to market to by location, status, interests etc., so your advertisement will be shown to [Read more...]

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Mass Profit Formula : Review

Being very cynical, I like to think that I am somewhat immune to the hype that goes into sales pages. However, when I watched the video on the Mass Profit Formula sales page, something caught my eye.
You see Nigel Richards, the owner of Mass Profit Formula, log into a Clickbank account and show that it had gone from almost zero sales to over $3000 of sales overnight, which he claimed was as a result of using his software. This approach made a refreshing change from the fake screenshots that you usually see on sales pages.

So in this case, I was hooked and I allowed myself to be reeled in and I watched the video to the end.

So What is Mass Profit Formula?
If you read through the sales page, you really don’t find very much information about what Mass profit Formula is. There’s plenty to tell you what it isn’t. But [Read more...]

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Review: Make Your Own Software

With the endless supply of “marketing how to” information available on the Internet, it’s really refreshing when something practical, useful and usable comes along.

Rather than being told “how” to do something, wouldn’t you prefer to have something that will “do” it for you?

Make Your Own Software is just such a tool.

Even if you’re not a software developer, you can use Make Your Own Software to create a downloadable, software application in minutes. This sounds hard to believe, but I tried it myself and it easily lives up to its claims and then some. Using it myself, I was quickly able to brainstorm a simple software idea, create a quick “recipe,” click a few buttons, and …

… bingo! Out popped a software program.

I was amazed at how easy the process was. This is truly one of the simplest and most powerful programs I have reviewed [Read more...]

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Ebook Review: SEO for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization is just one part of setting up a website. There are a lot of people who claim to be “SEO Consultants”. Some are good and some are not so good. With this guide you can either carry out your own SEO, or find out what it’s all about so that you can decide whether your SEO consultant is doing a good job or not.

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Add Your Squeeze Page to ANY Website

Add a squeeze page to any affiliate sales page to build your own list, and not just the product vendor’s list, with Instant Capture Page.

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Clickbank Pirate Review

The biggest release in the Clickbank marketplace at the moment has to be Clickbank Pirate. If you’re into Affiliate marketing or want to get started, is this really the easy way?

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