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Droid Generator – Go Mobile with Your Marketing

In the online marketing world, it has been long known that software is a great money-spinner; more so than other info-products such as eBooks. Unfortunately, you have to train as a programmer to be able to create software, and that’s not a quick and easy task.
I know! I am a professional programmer and I spent 3 years studying Computer Science at University, and after many years of experience, I’m still learning new techniques.

Software programs that are used by the consumer are also known as “applications”, or “apps” for short. You must have heard the name “App” thousands of times since the advent of the iPhone and iPad, and other smart mobile devices.

There are now thousands of apps in the Apple iStore and the Android Market, and the number is increasing daily. Most savvy companies are producing apps to promote their brand. The apps are often [Read more...]

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