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Build Your List Using Joint Ventures With Other Marketers

Whether you’re struggling to get started, or have been doing ok in your online business, you’ve probably looked on in envy at those big-gun marketeers who have huge mailing lists, and can make $10,000 with a single email. Like me, you’ve probably thought it would be nice to get your message out to the people on those lists. Not only would you stand to make a lot of sales, you’d massively increase the size of your own mailing list.

The problem is that if you approached those marketeers, they wouldn’t even give you the time of day, unless you were offering them something really special. You don’t have a big list yourself, so they wouldn’t be interested in doing a swap.

The thing is, there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as you. They would dearly love to set up Joint Ventures (JVs) [Read more...]

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Keeping Your Reputation as an Affiliate Marketer – Don’t Sell Junk

If you promote junk to your list, you will not only lose your reputation, but you will also lose valuable list members. Check out products for yourself before you promote them.

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The Easy Way To Unannounced Bonuses

Delivering more than you promised is a sure-fire way to improve the relationship between yourself and your customers. There’s an easy way to add bonuses and “unannounced” bonuses to your download pages…

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Promoting Your Website

To get visitors to your site, you need to promote it in as many ways as possible.

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Twitter Tip – Use Trending Topics to Reach a New Audience

Twitter has captured the imagination of many on-line marketers. If you follow a lot of Tweeple, you’re bound to see many promotional links passing through your Twitter timeline. If you have managed to pick up a lot of followers, it’s a good way of reaching a lot of people very quickly with a short message. However, this technique has its limitations. Trending Topics can be used to overcome some of these limitations.

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Article Marketing Competition is Under Way

A new monthly competition has been launched at the popular article site, Article Content King.

All articles submitted within 90 days of the competiton’s end date, that have received member moderation scores of more than 15 qualify to be counted within the competition.

The scores are added up and the member with the highest score is crowned Article Content King (or Queen) for the month.

Similarly, articles submitted within the last 120 days in a particular category can earn their author the title of Prince or Princess of that category.

The score of each article is dynamic – it receives an extra point for every 100 unique visits, and can also be voted up or down by people reading the article.

What’s in it for me?
There are a number of very valuable prizes awarded to the King/Queen and Prince/Princesses.

As well as a cash prize for the King, winners will receive:
- [Read more...]

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