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How To Get it All Wrong

You’re building a list, right? Even if you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re building a list? No? You should be. It’s by far the easiest way to make more affiliate commissions. In a list, you have a whole bunch of buyers and/or prospects that are sitting there as a captive audience to your emails. True that not everyone will even open your emails, let alone click a link inside them and buy the suggested product. True that some list members will unsubscribe.

But if people have bought from you before, and you keep up a good relationship with them, there is a good chance that they will buy from you again.

The key to it is the phrase “keep up a good relationship”. This is something you really have to work at. You need to give your list members something that will keep them [Read more...]

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List Building with The Traffic Button – It’s Free!

There are myriad ways to drive traffic to your website but many people are unaware of the little known world of List Builders. On first impressions List Builders appear to be similar to Safelists or blasters but on further investigation there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Safelists are essentially a membership site where everyone has permission to email everyone else. Using these systems you can receive an unmanageable amount of messages and to make it worse, most people will block all the incoming emails but still send out emails to the list. Eventually everyone starts doing this and nobody reads the emails. I know this to be true, because I have done it!

List Builders are different. A List Builder allows you to email hundreds, or even thousands of double opt in people, but you’ll only receive a maximum number of emails per day.

This feature alone increases the [Read more...]

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Keeping Your List Members

A lot of affiliate marketers don’t build lists and don’t have a website. They simply use advertising such as Google AdWords to promote the products. In the last few years, competition for keywords has exploded and the cost of bidding on keywords has rocketed.

By far, the best way to promote affiliate products is to a responsive list. If they have bought before, they can be convinced to buy again. That’s why the marketing experts’ mantra is “The Money Is In The List”.

I have covered ways of list-building elsewhere on this blog, so I won’t be going into it here. If building a list is important, there is something that is even more important, and that is Keeping Your List Members.

Your list should always be built from members who have “opted-in” to your list, and likewise, there should always be an Unsubscribe link in your messages. [Read more...]

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Build Your List Using Joint Ventures With Other Marketers

Whether you’re struggling to get started, or have been doing ok in your online business, you’ve probably looked on in envy at those big-gun marketeers who have huge mailing lists, and can make $10,000 with a single email. Like me, you’ve probably thought it would be nice to get your message out to the people on those lists. Not only would you stand to make a lot of sales, you’d massively increase the size of your own mailing list.

The problem is that if you approached those marketeers, they wouldn’t even give you the time of day, unless you were offering them something really special. You don’t have a big list yourself, so they wouldn’t be interested in doing a swap.

The thing is, there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as you. They would dearly love to set up Joint Ventures (JVs) [Read more...]

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How To Lose Subscribers From Your List

Most people are suckers for freebies, and they sign up to one or more lists in return for some free gift or other. We’ve all done it. I have, for sure.

Occasionally, there are times when I unsubscribe because something about the sender and their emails really annoys me. If I’m on your list and you do any of the following, I’ll unsubscribe:

Send more than one email in a day. In fact, if I get one every day from you, I’ll probably unsubscribe. Two or three times a week is enough.
Send an email that tells me nothing. If you send one of those emails that says something like: “Hey there, We have approved your account. Access it FREE right NOW: [Link to site]“, there’s nothing there to encourage me to visit the site, even if it does say “free”. Tell me what you’re promoting and I [Read more...]

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Review: Make Your Own Software

With the endless supply of “marketing how to” information available on the Internet, it’s really refreshing when something practical, useful and usable comes along.

Rather than being told “how” to do something, wouldn’t you prefer to have something that will “do” it for you?

Make Your Own Software is just such a tool.

Even if you’re not a software developer, you can use Make Your Own Software to create a downloadable, software application in minutes. This sounds hard to believe, but I tried it myself and it easily lives up to its claims and then some. Using it myself, I was quickly able to brainstorm a simple software idea, create a quick “recipe,” click a few buttons, and …

… bingo! Out popped a software program.

I was amazed at how easy the process was. This is truly one of the simplest and most powerful programs I have reviewed [Read more...]

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How do you get Visitors to Return?

People very rarely buy something the first time they see it, so you really need to get them to come back to your site again and again. What’s the best way of doing that? Squeeze Pages and a Mailing List.

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Affiliates: Build Lists or Get Left Behind

As an affiliate, you’re losing a great marketing opportunity if you’re not building lists of prospects and buyers.

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Review: Michael Rasmussen’s Video Series: How To Create A Mini Site That Runs On Autopilot And Makes You Money While You Sleep!

Most Internet marketers understand that having mini-sites is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. They don’t require a lot of time, energy, or money to set up, and once you’ve got one up and running, you can sit back and just collect money from all the sales you’re making.

At least… that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

The truth is that mini-sites really ARE easy to set up. They really DON’T require much time, energy, and money to set up. So why is it that so few people actually make money with their mini-sites?

The answer is that they never learned how to actually turn their mini-site into a profitable money-maker that runs completely on autopilot. The good news is…


Here’s what this is all about: My colleague Michael Rasmussen has a video course that will [Read more...]

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Build Your List While Promoting Your Affiliate Links

Just a quick post to let you know about a new tool that can be used to help build your list while you’re promoting other peoples’ products as an affiliate.

You’re probably hearing “the money is in the list” in your sleep by now, because just about everybody in online marketing keeps saying it.

In most cases it’s true, of course, so you should be building a list at every opportunity.

One of the disadvantages of selling as an affiliate is that it is usually the vendor who gets to build his list, while you, the affiliate, don’t usually get that opportunity. В Now there is a dead simple way of building your list while promoting your affiliate links.

Affiliate Opt-in Generator is a program which generates pop-up screens that you can set up with a squeeze page offering a gift. В The clever thing about it is that the pop-up appears right over [Read more...]

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