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Keeping Your List Members

A lot of affiliate marketers don’t build lists and don’t have a website. They simply use advertising such as Google AdWords to promote the products. In the last few years, competition for keywords has exploded and the cost of bidding on keywords has rocketed.

By far, the best way to promote affiliate products is to a responsive list. If they have bought before, they can be convinced to buy again. That’s why the marketing experts’ mantra is “The Money Is In The List”.

I have covered ways of list-building elsewhere on this blog, so I won’t be going into it here. If building a list is important, there is something that is even more important, and that is Keeping Your List Members.

Your list should always be built from members who have “opted-in” to your list, and likewise, there should always be an Unsubscribe link in your messages. [Read more...]

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How do you get Visitors to Return?

People very rarely buy something the first time they see it, so you really need to get them to come back to your site again and again. What’s the best way of doing that? Squeeze Pages and a Mailing List.

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Traffic Guide by Harvey Segal – a Review

Being successful at online marketing is a whole different thing. It doesn’t matter how many websites you create or how many advertisements you create, if nobody sees them, you’ll make no sales whatsoever.

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Droid Generator – Go Mobile with Your Marketing

In the online marketing world, it has been long known that software is a great money-spinner; more so than other info-products such as eBooks. Unfortunately, you have to train as a programmer to be able to create software, and that’s not a quick and easy task.
I know! I am a professional programmer and I spent 3 years studying Computer Science at University, and after many years of experience, I’m still learning new techniques.

Software programs that are used by the consumer are also known as “applications”, or “apps” for short. You must have heard the name “App” thousands of times since the advent of the iPhone and iPad, and other smart mobile devices.

There are now thousands of apps in the Apple iStore and the Android Market, and the number is increasing daily. Most savvy companies are producing apps to promote their brand. The apps are often [Read more...]

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Clickbank Analytics Provides New Pie Chart

If you thought pie-charts were pretty pictures that managers put into business presentations to brighten up an otherwise dull presentation, then think again. The Clickbank Hops Pie-Chart gives you an instant view of your statistics, and given some logical analysis, you can make informed decisions on which products to concentrate on, and which ones to drop.

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Make Your Own Clickbank Products

Creating your own products to sell on-line is not difficult. Here’s how I’ve done it in the past.

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