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Clickbank Trademark Use Guidelines

Any product that contains a reference to Clickbank must contain a disclaimer to the effect that there is no connection between the vendor and Clickbank, and that the product is not approved or endorsed by Clickbank.

Over the years I have seen numerous ebooks containing a suitable disclaimer that states that Clickbank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc.

At the time of creation of the products, this was part of the disclaimer supplied by Clickbank.

Having read the updated Product Promotional Guidelines on the Clickbank site, I see that this has now changed and the standard disclaimer that they provide has replaced “Keynetics” with “Click Sales”.

So if you are currently writing an ebook or other product that mentions Clickbank, you might want to check that you have included the latest disclaimer as supplied by Clickbank, the wording of which is…

CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc. and used by permission. [Read more...]

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New Clickbank Promotional Guidelines – Vendors Take Note

There has been a lot of discussion recently among “ethical” marketers about the amount of hype and false claims made by some other marketers about their new wonder products that claim to make you thousands of dollars with hardly any effort.

Some of the criticism has, quite rightly, been levelled at Clickbank who present these products within their marketplace. Very often, companies disclaim responsibility for anything on their site that has been added by a third party, but Clickbank can not do this because they assess all products submitted for sale in the marketplace.

Clickbank have evidently responded to this by introducing new Promotional Guidelines which must be adhered to by the end of August 2011.

If you are a Clickbank vendor, or about to become one, you really need to study these Guidelines, but here is a quick, in-a-nutshell summary.

Testimonials and Endorsements
Vendors may not use false and deceptive statements in their [Read more...]

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Clickbank Make Upsells Easy

One of the most powerful ways to increase your online sales is through “upsells”.  If you have just managed to get somebody into the frame of mind to buy something, then you might just be able to convince them to buy something extra.  You often see this in the form of the OTO, or “One-Time Offer” which is displayed just after you have bought a product.  The OTO usually contains an offer for a related product, often at a discounted price, but only if you buy it now.  Once you have closed the OTO page, you will never be able to see it again.

Clickbank have recently introduced ClickBank PitchPlus, which allows any vendor to make offers to customers who have just completed a purchase.

This feature was previously known as One-Click Upsell and was only available as a pilot program to selected clients. Now it is available to to all Clickbank [Read more...]

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Make Your Own Clickbank Products

Creating your own products to sell on-line is not difficult. Here’s how I’ve done it in the past.

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Not in the Spirit of Affiliate Marketing?

Is there something sinister going on with Clickbank vendors who add pop-up squeeze pages to their sales page? You could be losing commissions while helping the vendors to build their lists.

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You CAN Create Your Own Downloadable Products

As a Vendor of your own product, you stand to make a lot more money than if you sell somebody else’s product as an affiliate. This article shows you why and introduces some new software that will help you to create your own downloadable products.

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Use Brandable PDFs to Increase Your Clickbank Sales

Promoting your product on Clickbank can be a fantastic way of leveraging more sales. But how can you increase your marketing campaign’s responsiveness?
The answer lies in providing your affiliates with effective marketing tools. Here’s a cost-effective (free, actually!) way of producing an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

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