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Clickbank Payments – The Hidden Charges

If you’re based in the USA, then this post doesn’t really apply to you, but you might want to check it.

I am based in the UK and it will come as no surprise to you that I am a Clickbank Affiliate – after all, that’s what this site is all about.

Every 2 weeks, Clickbank send out cheques (checks) to the thousands of affiliates who have accrued commissions that exceed their payment threshold.  When I first started out as a Clickbank Affiliate, I left my payment threshold at $50 because I wasn’t getting many sales and I wanted to receive the money as soon as possible without falling foul of the Dormat Account policy.

After receiving my first cheque, which was for $44.75, I happily went to my bank to pay it in.  Of course, the payment was in US Dollars, and my bank account is in UK Pounds.   I wasn’t [Read more...]

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Clickbank Make Upsells Easy

One of the most powerful ways to increase your online sales is through “upsells”.  If you have just managed to get somebody into the frame of mind to buy something, then you might just be able to convince them to buy something extra.  You often see this in the form of the OTO, or “One-Time Offer” which is displayed just after you have bought a product.  The OTO usually contains an offer for a related product, often at a discounted price, but only if you buy it now.  Once you have closed the OTO page, you will never be able to see it again.

Clickbank have recently introduced ClickBank PitchPlus, which allows any vendor to make offers to customers who have just completed a purchase.

This feature was previously known as One-Click Upsell and was only available as a pilot program to selected clients. Now it is available to to all Clickbank [Read more...]

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New Freebie for You To Give Away

One of the best ways to make money from affiliate programs such as Clickbank is to promote products to a mailing list. The members of your list may be known buyers and having bought from you before, there is a very good chance that some of them will buy again.

Getting people onto your list is a different matter. To get people to subscribe to a list, one of the most common methods is to offer a free gift in return for their name and email address. People love free gifts, so the temptation to register on a list in return for something of a relatively high perceived value can be almost irresistible.

The biggest problem for most beginning marketers is finding that gift. Much of that PLR and MRR material that can be found on the Internet is old hat, and is not much of an incentive [Read more...]

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Become an Instant Clickbank Millionaire with Fake Stats

We’ve all seen countless sales pages showing screenshots of Clickbank accounts. You know the kind of thing – tens of thousands of dollars coming in every day. Numbers that you can only dream of weeing in your Clickbank account.

How do they do it? Well that’s why you need to buy their product isn’t it? They will show you the very system that earned them more than $10,000 per day.

Merchant or Affiliate?
Did you notice how carefully I worded that last sentence? Notice that I didn’t say that they earned $10,000 per day by USING their system; but it was the system that earned them that money.

What’s the difference?

Well, somebody who has a system to sell can earn money in two different ways. The first is by using the system. The second is by selling the system. If they used the system that they are [Read more...]

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Top 30 Most Visited “Affiliate Marketing” Clickbank Sites

Previously, CBIntuition has published lists of new Clickbank products on a weekly basis. I’m not convinced that the lists were particularly useful, especially as so many new products are introduced every week.

The thing about new products is that nobody knows much about them, so the only way they would have been useful is if the posts on this site contained genuine reviews of the products. That’s not really practical at this stage – I certainly don’t have the time and resources to obtain, try out and review every new product.

Additionally, the majority of people who visit CBIntuition are themselves affiliate marketers, so having lists of all new profucts in every category was a waste of space. So, I am experimenting with a number of alternatives. Here is my first one. It’s a list of the top 30 most visited sites in the Affiliate Marketing category.

Top [Read more...]

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Squeeze-U-Lator : The List Inflator!

Squeeze-U-Lator is a great new concept in online marketing. It lets you give away your free product without a squeeze page, but it will still build your list. In fact, in trials, the creators of Squeeze-U-lator have experienced an 80% increase in their list sign-up rate when using Squeeze-U-lator.

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Keeping Your Reputation as an Affiliate Marketer – Don’t Sell Junk

If you promote junk to your list, you will not only lose your reputation, but you will also lose valuable list members. Check out products for yourself before you promote them.

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Membership Sites – Another Captive Market

Membership Sites are not only a great way of earning a regular monthly income; they are also a highly targeted, captive audience of people who have a common interest. Whatever your niche, you can boost your affiliate sales through a membership site.

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Improve Your Affiliate Sales with Your Own Product

If you sell your own product, you can build a list. If you have a list, you have a captive audience for your affiliate links to other products. So create your own product now and start making some real money.

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How do you get Visitors to Return?

People very rarely buy something the first time they see it, so you really need to get them to come back to your site again and again. What’s the best way of doing that? Squeeze Pages and a Mailing List.

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